Don’t Sell Yourself Short

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The question most home buyers ask is: “how many square feet?” Not only are buyers concerned about square footage, but it is the primary measure of value comparison used by Real Estate Agents to determine the approximate price of a specific home.

Recently, we prepared a certified market analysis (CMA) based upon publicly recorded measurements for 3 different home sellers. Upon arrival for each appointment, we felt as though each home felt larger than the recorded size. In short, we recommended to all 3 home owners to hire an Appraiser to officially measure their home. In all 3 homes there was “found” square footages (67, 185 & 200) which increased their home values, one home by as much as 25k.

The Appraiser we recommend to measure a home, charges $75-$100 depending on size and location. If you are thinking about selling your home, and you believe the recorded square footage may be short, it might be worth spending $100 to possibly gain thousands of dollars.

Depending on the sale price per square foot in your particular area or subdivision, “found” square footage could add up to significantly more profits!