New Construction, 1-Year Warranty Home Inspection

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After one year from the closing date of your new construction home, the builder, in most cases, is no longer responsible for problems in your home. The homeowner then becomes responsible.

Unfortunately, most home-builders do not notify you of the impending expiration date of your 1-year home warranty when defects are still their responsibility.  Upon closing on the purchase of your home, it is important to mark in your calendar when the 11th month of home ownership will be, and to schedule an inspector for an evaluation.

A home inspector will verify that proper building techniques were instituted, various components of the home were properly installed and that mechanical systems are working properly (i.e. AC unit blowing correct temperature). In addition, inspectors can determine if mold is developing or unusual wear and tear is occurring due to faulty craftsmanship.

If you had an inspector at the time of purchase, you may or may not want to spend the money again for another home inspection. Regardless of whether or not you do hire an inspector, it is extremely important that you do a re-inspect in the 11th month of ownership and prepare a written list of items that need to be addressed. The Eisen Team recommends that you not only email the list to a contact person at the construction company but that you also send it by certified mail.

This “last-chance” inspection will give you peace of mind for your remaining tenure in your new home at no cost to you.