Permits Now A Major Issue

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In the “old days” we could sell a home without a “search” for open permits and could even close transactions with existing open permits.  Those days are gone!

Today,  in most standard real estate contracts, the verbiage states the sale is contingent upon the seller closing all open permits.  In addition, some mortgage lenders will not loan and some title companies will not insure with open permits.

Unfortunately, even though you may have not performed any work on your home, you may have inherited a home with open permits which becomes your responsibility.  Another    scenario where you might be unaware of an open permit is:  your contractor did not properly close the open permit with the City or County where it was issued.

A closed permit indicates the work performed on the house was up to code and “passed” inspection.  Closed permits give potential buyers the added security the job was done correctly.

Permitting has now become a major dynamic in the sale process of a home.  Sellers must have closed permits to sell and more discerning buyers are requiring them for assurances of proper previous renovations.

To my knowledge, Crystal and I are the only Realtors who actually assist the seller with the closing of a permit(s), and when working with buyers, we question permitting on all renovations performed.