Referrals: The Life Blood of Our Business

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Real Estate

In the long history of our writing and producing newsletters, we have greatly educated our readers by informing them of the “ins & outs,” “dangers & pitfalls,” and the “insider secrets” of the residential real estate field. As much as we inform our audience, it simply amazes us that although we get numerous compliments of how “real life” and “educational” the articles are, the newsletters fail to bring us a great source of referral business.

We write these newsletters so our readers are armed with pertinent information; but we also count on the newsletters to increase our business. Without referral business, the real estate field is brutally tough (there is an incompetent Realtor on every corner). And because real estate sales are not a reoccurring income (like insurance), once a sale is completed, we are back to ground zero in terms of seeking new clients and generating income.

We are kindly asking that if you liked our services in the past, or have heard all the positive information about us and what we do, please refer our names to anyone and everyone that is seeking to buy and/or sell real estate anywhere in the entire State of Florida. We have handled transactions from South Florida to Ocala.

If you do refer us, there are 3 things we can guarantee you:

1.      Nobody will outwork us.

2.      We are the most honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable Realtors you will ever work with.

3.      In most cases, we perform our services for much less than anyone else - 15% cash rebate back to the buyer and discounted commission to the seller.

Finally, if you possess a Florida Real Estate Agent License, we can compensate you monetarily for any referral that culminates in a closed transaction.