Tips to Make Your Move Easier

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· Plan far in advance.

· Make a thorough checklist and start the process early.

· Protect critical files & Photos.  Store copies on a hard drive or upload to a cloud server.

· Photograph your cords.  Take pictures with your smartphone or digital camera so when it comes time to reconnect, you will know what goes where.

· Pet arrangements.  Board with kennel or friends during the actual loading & unloading of furniture.

· Post Office.  Forwarding address submitted and free moving guide available with coupons.

· Color code or designate clearly every box.  Boxes must be packed by room for ease of unpacking at the other end of the move.

· 1st night & essentials box.   In case you arrive late to your new home & don't want to unpack right away.

· Cleaning supplies box.   In case you have not hired a cleaning service for your new residence.

· Valuables box.  Not to be sent with movers.  Items like passports, birth certificates, jewelry etc.

· Save receipts.   If your move is related to a job transfer or new job, you may be able to deduct part or all of the moving costs.